2003 Tahoe No Rear Heat Correct, Suburban, Yukon XL Repair!

Finish how to fix no warmth in the rear. My truck just blew out chilly air right before the resolve. Heat galore afterwards!

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  1. Marcos Roman
    Marcos Roman 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    I have one vent not throwing out air even when it's on high will this help

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  2. A7X_Girl_foREVer !
    A7X_Girl_foREVer ! 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    hey i have a question if you can please answer it its from my dad, what can it be if its blowing cold ac in the front but blowing hot in the rear units? can it be this part? thank you ^-^

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  3. Jeremiah Lino
    Jeremiah Lino 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    I'm having an issue. I'm trying to replace mines on a 04 Tahoe but the set up is a little different can't figure out which is wich

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    RICKY GRAY 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Thanks so much for the post. I have 2004 chevy tahoe and my issue was the front vents were blowing cold air but the back vents were blowing hot air. The part number you recommended fixed it right up, thanks again…

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  5. Murphy Brown
    Murphy Brown 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    What if it blows hot air when you want a/c

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  6. Adolfo Prieto
    Adolfo Prieto 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    this video is awesome, thanks for sharing, I got probably same issue on my 2005 Tahoe but, only hot air on the rear, changing the AC Control Module like showed will fix my problem??… thanks

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  7. Scotty tomcat
    Scotty tomcat 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    thanks this is a great video I appreciate your help we gotta learn to help one another thank you so much for the help

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  8. lolo ent
    lolo ent 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Hi thank you for this video, I on the other hand gave a different isue my 2003 suburban after a long weekend trip up to Eustis FL my rear Ac unit stop working for some reason can't figure out why cause my front unit works no problem so maybe u think this could be the problem please wat saids thanku for these videos

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  9. Bobby Gorden
    Bobby Gorden 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    I am looking for a video on coolant leaks in the rear. I suspect either lines or heater core. Any ideas?

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  10. bill
    bill 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    just fixed my heat. this video is spot on! Make SURE to remove the fuse(s) then run the engine for a few minutes. then turn it off, and then put them back and your DONE! I removed fuse and ran engine only 45 seconds , and it wasnt long enough!

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  11. Chris Turner
    Chris Turner 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Great vid I'm about to order this

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  12. Boe Jebie
    Boe Jebie 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Thank you for your response, I'll keep digging:)

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  13. Boe Jebie
    Boe Jebie 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Can I trouble you with a question? I originaly had no rear heat in my 03 Tahoe, I replaced the control module as you suggested and WA LA! We had heat, so I thought I would check the rear AC and it blows warm air, the front AC blows cold. Should I be looking at the rear heater/AC blend door actuator or could it be something else? Thank you.

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  14. Boe Jebie
    Boe Jebie 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    I just want to say thank you for posting this video, it's a great step by step procedure for replacing the rear aux heating module, it was a breeze, and the best part is that it fixed the problem, I now have rear heat. Thank you again!

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  15. Ningishzidda Shar
    Ningishzidda Shar 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    If there's heat but no a/c this procedure will fix it, right?

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  16. Erik Gomez
    Erik Gomez 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    what is the name of that part.. Im having the same problem.

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  17. dcole808
    dcole808 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Thx man, that was helpful info..heat again

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  18. Colorado Girl
    Colorado Girl 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Thanks sooo much! Your video was awesome! I'm a single mother who doesn't have extra money and your video showed me exactly how to replace the control module, down to needing a 9/32 socket. I bought the part on ebay for $64 and it took me 20 minutes from start to finish. Thanks again!

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  19. Leon Wade
    Leon Wade 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    what is the name of the part

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  20. Sidney Montes
    Sidney Montes 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Great video!!!

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  21. Vital Imagery
    Vital Imagery 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    outstanding video, took me about 30 mins from start to finish and I have heat again. Thanks for taking the time to upload!

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  22. nascarfan829131
    nascarfan829131 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    I just replaced the control module and now I have heat again! Amazon is your best bet…the dealership wanted $150 for the module, and you cannot get it from Autozone, Napa ect, AC Delco is the only company that makes the part. Also, just to make life easier, just unhook the negative battery terminal for a few minutes to reset/recalibrate the system (the fuse trick didn't work for me). Great video though!

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  23. Rob Hardison
    Rob Hardison 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    thank you so much. i have to replace mine as well

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  24. Bigbird B
    Bigbird B 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    Spitfire1821, you rock man. Your video just helped me fix my rear heat on my 2004 Tahoe. Now I can take the kids without their snowsuits on in the back. LOL. It works great now. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share this video.

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  25. Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 20 July, 2016, 14:54

    After installation, why do you turn it on and then insert fuse? Does that reset the system?

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