Ford Fuel Tank Delamination | EVERY 99-16 Ford Cab & Chassis Owner Should Know This

Wades shows you why if you have a Ford Cab & Chassis after axle tank vehicle why you should keep a close eye on your fuel filter if you have a stock fuel tank. DELAMINATION is no laughing matter. It will cause MAJOR damage to your truck if you allow the problem to continue. Catch it and catch it quick! Delamination of the diesel fuel tank can occur resulting in a loss of power due to debris (silver flakes) clogging the fuel filters which comes from the corrosion of the tank by Bio-Diesel Fuel/Low Sulfur Fuel that is on the market today. In some cases the fuel injection pump and/or fuel injectors have also been damaged. Ford has issued a service bulletin (#19728) addressing this concern. This issue can affect all diesel 1999-2016 E-350, F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650, and F-750 Super Duty models. This will probably not be covered by factory warranty and will cost you thousands if you do not replace your factory tank before problems start! Ford does not have a fix for the tank, and it will have to be replaced with another steel tank destined to fail unless you got with an aftermarket fuel tank product.

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  1. Chris Glanzer
    Chris Glanzer 22 July, 2016, 03:28

    Is that the same tank as an Excursion would have?

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