gears of war bug I Obvious Stealth I Flyin car

do u like my experience this is wat pimp my experience did lol Get pleasure from

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    LIQUIDMONK3Y 28 March, 2016, 23:52

    that is jokeeeeeeeeeeeees hahahahahaha
    but you still have a pair of baserkca lips

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  2. ClearWhorm
    ClearWhorm 28 March, 2016, 23:52

    no need to tell me ur life story mate, jk nice vid lmao

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  3. xSiiLVERM0NK3Yx
    xSiiLVERM0NK3Yx 28 March, 2016, 23:52

    haha thats jokes an weird! the updates must of nakered it up lool 5*

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  4. FantasyFlex
    FantasyFlex 28 March, 2016, 23:52

    Very nice is a funny

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