Graves slipon sound

Here is a video of my Graves slip on. Different engine loads and situations. Enjoy!

Get your slip on here

***How to videos are to help gain a better understanding of what and how to fix/repair/ maintain something, I will not be held labial or responsible for anything that might/has/did go wrong! If you don’t understand it or have any doubt about what ever it is that your doing seek professional help. ***
All speeds displayed and sounds of engines racing have been digitally enhanced for your viewing pleasure, Video is 1 or more years old stock video. Please obey speed limits and local laws.
All other riders, cagers and people in this video were unpaid stunt men/ women from Mexico

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  1. Cueball “cueball” Productions
    Cueball “cueball” Productions 13 June, 2016, 15:25

    sounds nice dude just ticking over it sounds nice thumbs up from me.
    dropped you a subscribe same back please got a few videos on my channel too vloggs etc ride safe from the uk

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  2. Nick 636n8r (stuntn24-7)
    Nick 636n8r (stuntn24-7) 13 June, 2016, 15:25

    i just got this pipe for my 2015 636 and i love the sound but noticed that it pops a lot on decel and when u get back on the throttle pops and sounds like its starved of fuel i just put the blockoff plates on and put a k&n air filter and it helped a lot with the loud popping but still sounds like it needs a tune does yours do thta when u are steady on the throttle or when u let off and slowly reapply? I plan to put it on the dyno to get it tuned and am hoping that will smoothen it out in the lower rpms
    I love this exhaust tho im so happy i didnt get the m4 this one is just straight sex lol

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  3. MegaTechpc
    MegaTechpc 13 June, 2016, 15:25

    Sounds similar to my MGP slip on from Hotbodies. Love the vids dude (your oil change vid was what I used when I did my first oil change so thanks a bunch for that)!

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  4. Masons ADV
    Masons ADV 13 June, 2016, 15:25

    Pipe sounds great! Nice sound review.

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  5. Heartland Dual Sport
    Heartland Dual Sport 13 June, 2016, 15:25

    Fun stuff, love how well you did this, thanks for all the different levels and gears, fun stuff my friend. Thanks and have a blessed week.

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  6. azdesertdog
    azdesertdog 13 June, 2016, 15:25

    I was sitting here thinking about a sarcastic comment like  "well what does it sound like at 105". Dang! And there it was….105. I like an inline 4 with a decent exhaust. Kind of like an electric guitar riff. There are some exhausts out there that just sound like crap. One of the better exhaust reviews I have seen.

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  7. LowlySteward
    LowlySteward 13 June, 2016, 15:25

    Much better way to showcase the sound… I've seen a lot of videos where the bike is just stable and that's all you get. I'm surprised how little wind noise you get at high speed on your GoPro… what version of GoPro is that? My Hero get's an overwhelming amount of wind noise.

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