How to fix or extend your car alarm’s range quick and easy!

How to fix or extend your car alarm’s remote transmitter range quick and easy! with simply adjusting the potentiometer

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  1. Edwin Padilla
    Edwin Padilla 31 January, 2016, 08:04

    Will that work on a factory alarm pad with remote start for a 2014 silverado 

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  2. macloud1100
    macloud1100 31 January, 2016, 08:04

    hey quick question ,I have a viper rpn 479 remote with my current alarm ,am tying to add a second remote witch is a rpn7341 but it wont work. its like the brain wont learn this remote. can give me a few pointers? thanks.

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  3. wrockw
    wrockw 31 January, 2016, 08:04

    So on average how much more distance will this add to the range?

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