How to Start off a Car or truck That is Been Sitting down for Many years

How to commence a car or truck. You should not just commence a car or truck that hasn’t operate in a although. In this video clip I clearly show you what to look at just before you attempt to commence a car or truck that has not operate for 6 months or more so you you should not injury the engine.

Portable Jump Starter:
Dry Lock Lubricant:
Clear Lock:
Fogging Oil:
Spark Plug Hole Resource:
Hand Pump:
Coolant Tester:

The place I received my car or truck from:
The place I despatched my oil sample:

How to Exchange a Gas Pump: COMING Before long
How to Clean up Your Motor Bay: COMING Before long
Does an Air Consumption Increase Electrical power?: COMING Before long

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  1. Daniel Pawlata (DPFAST)
    Daniel Pawlata (DPFAST) 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    congratulations Chris for reaching 1 million subscribers ????

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  2. Saqif Chowdhury
    Saqif Chowdhury 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    can you make a video on painting tire letters

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  3. Jhad Soliman
    Jhad Soliman 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    chris i want to ask how to start a car with cabel not a starter

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  4. Bloopity
    Bloopity 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Its weird seeing the same Key Fob in a Mustang that I use daily in a SVT Ford Focus

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  5. The Rooster
    The Rooster 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Oh man, im doing some talking with family member who might want to get rid of a 98 gt with a manny tranny. Hopefully i can get it and work on it.

    Edit: I'm so hyped to see videos on this car. We need some long, detailed videos and many upgrades.

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  6. CrazyKid Production
    CrazyKid Production 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    congrats on 1 million subs

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  7. IamNeil aRon
    IamNeil aRon 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Hey Chris! Can you do a " how to put tire lettering for less than $10"?

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  8. Granat
    Granat 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    well that project will take years if he upload 1 video per week!

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  9. Kent Wolf
    Kent Wolf 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    isnt it today you should have been uploading Chris btw good videos i really love them im trying to get a cheap car and work on it :)

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  10. Phoneguy13
    Phoneguy13 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    hey look for fuel pump shut off safety switch.

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  11. Miron Klescik
    Miron Klescik 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    weird…. You didnt check the belt? Forget or it isn't nesesry (probably didn't type that right)

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  12. TheSamplebridge
    TheSamplebridge 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    on the 1 quart oil containers if you pour it with the nozzle on top it will not glug. thats how they are designed.

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  13. Ralph Yuson
    Ralph Yuson 21 July, 2016, 11:17


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  14. Braden Tvorov
    Braden Tvorov 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    At least it Started

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  15. angel alonso
    angel alonso 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Fantastic video, exactly what I needed for a car of my own. Looking forward to the fuel pump video.

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  16. TheHypedLion
    TheHypedLion 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    RIP Bird

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  17. Terquilla
    Terquilla 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    You mean pumping the gas in a fuel injected car won't start it?

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  18. Miles Curtis
    Miles Curtis 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    I watched your blinker fluid video and I did mine and it turns out it had no fluid never would've checked that but even though I replaced the blinker fluid my blinker won't work did I use the wrong kind please help

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    DRAMA ALERT NL 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    My car is low on power steering fluid , shall i flush or just fill it up with fluid? +Chrisfix

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  20. RyanRC2
    RyanRC2 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Where is this weeks video?

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  21. Zaid Rahman
    Zaid Rahman 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Sick car, man!

    No pun intended.

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  22. youtang
    youtang 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    was that a double gasket on the oil filter?

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  23. John S Abbas
    John S Abbas 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    @ChrisFix it is more than a week, we have not seen any new video uploaded by you. When are you uploading next video of drift car?

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  24. Hardik Tiger
    Hardik Tiger 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    when ur coming next video? cnt wait lol

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  25. Djpeanutbutter
    Djpeanutbutter 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Lol that button that says lock right by the ignition is the release for the key.

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  26. taz069
    taz069 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Next video please is been a week!!!! :D

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  27. Onuralp çiftçi
    Onuralp çiftçi 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    ı like this series but ı was bored to waiting too long … :(

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  28. LostPup
    LostPup 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    hope that didn't have a MAF lmao

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    ORFEAS ZERVAS 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    when was the last time you changed oil and oil filter , before that video ???

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  30. williamg209two
    williamg209two 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    cant wait for p2

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  31. epicminer 6555
    epicminer 6555 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    hey Cris fix what do I do if my car parts aren't manufactured anymore?

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  32. ContagiousPotato
    ContagiousPotato 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    I don't even use a car, but I find this video oddly satisfying.

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  33. Tristan Gump
    Tristan Gump 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    My mom has an old Dotson that hasn't been driven in 19 years

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  34. Mustafa Can
    Mustafa Can 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    Hey that you awesome car fixer :). i would like to meet you but im from far away. sorry for grammer mistakes. i just want to offer you some Project name for this badass Stang.
    First is going to be my best.
    Rider On The Slippery Ground.
    Second one is also cool one. (i guess)
    Chris DriftFix.
    3th is not bad i don't know. but better to try
    Red line fine, badass out of line

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  35. abovetherimrob891
    abovetherimrob891 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    you really shouldn't spray that starting fluid through the MAF sensor…other than that good video.

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  36. Rodney Nivunhellage
    Rodney Nivunhellage 21 July, 2016, 11:17

    New video?

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