Riding the Lexus hoverboard in Spain

Lexus invited us to Spain to journey the hoverboard it made for a industrial. Our resident skateboarder Sam Sheffer observed the board to be incredibly difficult to journey — but it does hover! Read the full story here: http://www.theverge.com/2015/8/four/9091951/lexus-hoverboard-movie

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  1. mrklimop jou
    mrklimop jou 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    i am still amezed..and cant wait for whats next

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  2. Jayden Roebuck
    Jayden Roebuck 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    That steezy ollie bro

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  3. Dustin Hoffman
    Dustin Hoffman 25 May, 2016, 14:46


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  4. Mrcrazytony97
    Mrcrazytony97 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    Such a flop

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  5. rc review indonesia
    rc review indonesia 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    look my chanel i play hover board

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  6. Gaby :8
    Gaby :8 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    This was at the Detroit auto show ?

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  7. GeekbehindGlasses
    GeekbehindGlasses 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    5:00 Hendo has done nothing. In fact, their design is quite mediocre.

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  8. Ash Smith
    Ash Smith 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    what happens when the gimmicky fake smoke needs to be topped up?

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  9. Marc E
    Marc E 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    This could be another troll!!!!

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  10. Andrew Richerson
    Andrew Richerson 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    this is still not as cool as maglev trains

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  11. LiamOneLoop
    LiamOneLoop 25 May, 2016, 14:46
  12. Xafar
    Xafar 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    Looking damn epic!

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  13. BryBry
    BryBry 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    hoverboards like that from marty mcfly will never exist…

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  14. Sky tographer
    Sky tographer 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    OMG just shut up about the hoverboard already….
    I'm tired of this fake crap from these brands

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  15. jynx Biceps
    jynx Biceps 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    nice nikies bruh where did you get the shoes though

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  16. Heavy Weapons
    Heavy Weapons 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    Bullshit board

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  17. Janoy Cresva
    Janoy Cresva 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    Is this Fake or Gay?

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  18. yusuf zulfi
    yusuf zulfi 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    flyboard shits on this

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  19. Blue Blood
    Blue Blood 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    the future has arrived : )

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  20. John Smith
    John Smith 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    Plot twist they're trolling us too

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  21. Smooooth
    Smooooth 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    Are there trains the use this technology?

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  22. Schmutz Lord
    Schmutz Lord 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    what a big fail that skatepark for hoverboarding .

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  23. Fatma Malki
    Fatma Malki 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    Nice i would buy it because my car name is lexus?

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  24. silent saucepan
    silent saucepan 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    find a way to use the earth's magnetic field

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  25. Brocks Dominoes
    Brocks Dominoes 25 May, 2016, 14:46
  26. RS Omniscient
    RS Omniscient 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    the new "slide on the ground board" by lexus XD

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  27. RS Omniscient
    RS Omniscient 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    fake 'n' gay

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  28. jklw10
    jklw10 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    i knew that when i saw the trailer :D

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  29. Down Hill * The Angry Snowman Chronicles
    Down Hill * The Angry Snowman Chronicles 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    this is soo fake its real

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  30. iiBluecupcakez The Gamer Girl
    iiBluecupcakez The Gamer Girl 25 May, 2016, 14:46

    I saw a line in the water

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