Take care of Auto A/C Compressor Seal, And Recharge Method (Improperly!)

This is a movie of me briefly fixing the A/C system in my 1998 S10.

I had a leaking seal on the rear of the compressor. In this movie, I remove the leaking seals, switch them, and recharge the system with no evacuation.

This is not the most favorable way to refill the system. At least, I should have adjusted the drier, and had the air pulled from the system before refilling it. On the other hand, for me, this is a short term take care of, and will only be operate like this for a couple of months.

If it ruins the system, I really will not treatment!

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  1. RismA RIS
    RismA RIS 22 July, 2016, 11:37

    Nice work thanks

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