Wintertime Riding Gear for Riders to Journey Bike in Wintertime

Wintertime Riding Gear for Riders to Journey Bike in Wintertime

Bike wintertime riding. Riding in the wintertime will destroy you. Below are a couple ways to continue to keep on your own dwelling throughout the wintertime white walker months.

5- Anti fogging spray to continue to keep the fog off of your visor in the snow and chilly…

4- Suitable wintertime riding equipment…

3- Abdominal muscles brakes to continue to keep from sliding whilst riding…

2- Spiked tires for that icy highway riding…

one- SnowBike a snowmobile motorcycle cross

– Improve a beard, it will assist continue to keep your face from falling off whilst wintertime riding.

Try to remember most bikes are not produced to be riding in the wintertime. Continue to keep that wintertime equipment on and your wintertime riding visors clear and you must be alright. Riding in the chilly wintertime at night time is not fun so be guaranteed to have some good lights and get the warmest wintertime equipment you can come across whilst riding in the wintertime.

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Wintertime riding with wintertime equipment is the only way to do it. Wintertime equipment can be discovered at most bike stores but some of it may require you to do some digging close to. A terrific spot to come across wintertime equipment for riding in the wintertime is

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  1. Richard Abreu
    Richard Abreu 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm in. I'd put that shit on the ol' Minivan. lol

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  2. Farrell FCS
    Farrell FCS 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Great video man, had me laughing all the way through!

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  3. Blake Parson
    Blake Parson 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm IN!!! I'm gonna put it on my RUCKUS!!!!! I hope it doesn't fly off when I hit warp (40 mph)

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  4. Supernatural Custom Paint
    Supernatural Custom Paint 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Do you have a email PwnJones?

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  5. Foodstamp Amp'd
    Foodstamp Amp'd 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm in!!!

    Have been wanting to put one on the back of my car just like the last guy. (not original anymore :/) Not riding for half the year, it would be a nice reminder of the bike I'd rather be riding. Plus when I drive my car into work (it's a 60k trip through Toronto traffic, so generally it's not the most fun ride on a bike during rush hour) my coworkers will ask about it. Which will help make me seem cool and interesting. ha.

    Speaking of winter riding, I've totally tried it. In January… with my summer gear, and visor up… (it was like 10 degrees out) It helps that I haven't winterized my bike really. On the topic of winterizing… I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I get why we need to do certain things, cleaning and lubing the chain, maybe keeping a full tank of gas with some stabilizer, keeping the bike clean. But honestly, there is lots that others say to do, and I say… why bother? I don't do all this fancy stuff to my car and it runs great after 8 years. I just make sure to keep running the bike frequently.

    That's pretty much it, I just run the bike often in winter. But then again, I have no clue what the hell I'm doing, so nobody listen to me.

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  6. Christopher Atkinson
    Christopher Atkinson 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm in!!!

    I also live in Straya like old mate high-pitched.

    I would put the sticker on Uluru.

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  7. Johan Nordby
    Johan Nordby 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm in!!! I would put it on my colleagues! Right. On. Their. Faces! or on my laptop! My Winterride on a bike ended just as i the video you linked. on the ground… :(

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  8. DeeKay
    DeeKay 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Hilarious video man! I have some crappy anti fog wipes, heated grips, decent gear, and lots of face pubes! I'm riding to work tomorrow 😀 I'll report back if I don't hit a semi full of teddy bears.

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  9. Gamer HLWilson
    Gamer HLWilson 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Is there anything to keep the rain off the visor as constantly having to wipe it gets frustrating?

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  10. Takoda Nighthawk
    Takoda Nighthawk 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm in. I'll put the sticker on my butt…jk on my bike. i recently crash while leaving work due to ice. yeeaaah screwed my ankle up pretty bad.

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  11. EthanKRETA
    EthanKRETA 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Shaving cream on the face shield helps with the fogging… if you're a cheap bastard like myself

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  12. Garrett Reven
    Garrett Reven 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Over 100% of Americans die due to black ice, and the other 100% to McDonald's.
    And by the way:
    I'm in!!! It'd look nice on MY Ninja 250r

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  13. Greg Eads
    Greg Eads 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I have to say…this (IS) the funniest video Evvvver! Are you a comedian in "real life"???

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  14. Chris Weadick
    Chris Weadick 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm in!!! too funny re ABS and thin ice… Have not ridden in the snow yet although tempted when the temperature sneaks above zero and I see pavement… mixed of course with our great Canadian salted and sanded road… so need to include a snow plow blade on the bike/sled cross so you can clear the salt and sand out of the path… expecially the corners… so for my funny story or thought… not winter but spring… how many times have you seen some geek Canadian rider out sweeping the street corners to get the dump load of sand off the road… 1250FA does not like slippery surfaces LOL

    Where would I put it? Course the funny answer is obvious but my wife would kill me… so I will choose… back cab of my truck? its the closest thing I can say without getting beat with a seal club from Newf and tied and gaged with genuine Saskatchewan seal skin bindings (so you know I am Canadian if you know that reference… although I have been imported into the maritimes… new to biking (year 2 complete… well Canadian biking year two… ie a few months this summer) and looking forward to the bike show next month… got the crawlies… checked out rentals in Az and FL to let the kids follow the grandparents on vacation and maybe I can sneak out for a 200$ day ride LOL.

    Cheers and thanks for the vids… always a hoot.

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  15. lmdetect
    lmdetect 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Hey man, I still owe you a vid from when I won my sticker. I'll get that done for you. Love your guns. I have quite a few myself. We're nowhere near as cold down here in southeast Texas as y'all are up there. Stay warm sir. Great vid.

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  16. Bradley Micheal
    Bradley Micheal 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    Im in for a sticker i guess, and i would put it on my four wheeler. I ride alot during the winter and its cold but not as cold as canada lol

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  17. John “THEWARBEARD” Davis
    John “THEWARBEARD” Davis 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I'm in! I'm currently gathering stickers for a sticker board till I get a second bike for them lol! SoCal Winter hasn't been bad. Cold as hell but no snow thank god. Coming home with the wrong gear got my hands all frosty n feet are just as bad.

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  18. Forever Computing
    Forever Computing 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I buy Mud and Snow tyres for my scooter. No snow. Hey, I can go off road with more confidence. Like once. Wrong address…

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  19. DA2THFA1RY
    DA2THFA1RY 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    I was trying to not look like a weirdo to my family and neighbours… hahaha

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  20. My Friend Aj
    My Friend Aj 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    toooo funny

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  21. TalonFlame 54
    TalonFlame 54 6 March, 2016, 05:46


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  22. RoiDominik
    RoiDominik 6 March, 2016, 05:46

    You have hair!!!!!

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